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Voyage of Discovery, Art Therapist, Projective Drawings
Certified Coach in Strategic Intervention, Marriage and Divorce Prevention, ARTbundance and Sacred Money Archetypes. 
Read about my work as a Registered Art Therapist working with young offenders in my eBook  “Voyage of Discovery: An art therapist and young male offenders find their way using the projective drawings,Draw a Person in the Rain and Draw a Person in the Rain with Changes. “  
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Yvonne Rose
Phone: 07498 506159

• Do you feel that the love and respect towards each other has diminished since you first met?
• Would you like to understand each other better?
• Is the communication between you both in need of some help?
•Does it seem that you are fighting all the time?
• Would you like to resolve an issue you both have?
• Is your marriage in need of a change?
• Do you want some more romance in your lives?

Using the tools and skills taken from Strategic Intervention Coaching; Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP); Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) I can help you take your partnership/marriage to a new level. 

You will gain an understanding how your values and your human needs differ and how that affects your relationship.  With me as your coach, you will decide on your joint goal; learn and understand how your thoughts and beliefs are sabotaging the feelings within the relationship; and most importantly, how to make these changes so you can both get the results you are wanting.

Strategic Intervention Coaching for couples