I believe that so often we get “stuck” in circumstances, old habits and/or beliefs that weigh us down which leave us feeling there is no way out. 

I firmly believe that many of life’s problems can be alleviated by sharing them with someone who is trained to listen, offer new ways of thinking and suggest alternative solutions. Often, some very simple and practical changes can be easily integrated into our daily routines that will produce remarkable results. Life Strategies Coaching can help you identify what is holding you back in any area of your life.

Over the past 20 years, I have successfully coached people through a variety of issues such as career choices; relationships; emotional upheaval; anxiety issues; phobias; depression; bereavement and loss; financial struggle; emotional abuse; workplace stress and loss of direction in life.

I draw on a number of proven techniques in order to assist my clients reach their full potential and achieve results in a short time. This fast track coaching model is cost effective and customized to your unique needs.

Life’s Strategies Coaching, Fast Track Model is designed to maximize results by:

  • Using a pre-coaching form to identify your needs and desires which will keep us focused during each session. 
  • Positively transform your thoughts and feelings. Based on scientifically proven cognitive behaviour principals, you will learn how to pinpoint those limiting thoughts that keep you stuck.
  •  Letting go of debilitating thoughts and emotions. Experience Emotional Freedom Technique, an energy technique that releases negative emotions.
  • Practicing meditation and deep relaxation techniques to help clear your thought processes so you can see your next steps more clearly.
  • Finding out about the 6 human needs and how they pertain to you and why they are relevant.
  • Having someone who holds you accountable for your choices and who wants the best for you.

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Read about my work as a Registered Art Therapist working with young offenders in my eBook  “Voyage of Discovery: An art therapist and young male offenders find their way using the projective drawings,Draw a Person in the Rain and Draw a Person in the Rain with Changes. “  
Now available as a download.

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Yvonne Rose
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My passion and focus is to help you make some positive changes for yourself. Using the methods and strategies offered with Life Strategies Coaching you will be able to start to live your life with renewed energy, purpose and with a clear direction.

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Certified Coach in Strategic Intervention, Marriage and Divorce Prevention, ARTbundance and Sacred Money Archetypes. 
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Voyage of Discovery, Art Therapist, Projective Drawings
Phone: 07498  506159